Enabling attendance tracking will allow players on your team to report attendance to games, practices, or individually scheduled events. When you enable attendance tracking, an email will be sent to everyone on the team inviting them to report attendance. Emails will go out prior to each game listing the reported attendance, date, time, and other relevant information. 

Attendance emails are automatically disabled for tournaments. Attendance tracking is also disabled if a roster assignment is not visible to that player.

Changing Attendance Tracking Settings

Attendance emails are sent out on a per-team basis, so the attendance tracking settings are on each team. You need to either have team admin privileges (captains, coaches, and admins of a team have admin privileges) or be an admin of the team's site to change these preferences. 

1. Go to the team's page. The team will have a "/t/[team-name]" URL on your site.

2. Click the Attendance Tracking link in the team's Admin section as shown below.

3. Set your team's attendance tracking preference.