USA Ultimate integration can be enabled by site admins in order to allow players to purchase USA Ultimate memberships when registering for events.

This integration allows organizations to:

  1. Require USA Ultimate memberships for events
  2. Check USA Ultimate membership status for players
  3. Sell USA Ultimate memberships in event flows

Funds from USAU membership purchases go directly to USA Ultimate, so no additional administration is required.

Enable USAU Integration for Site

To enable USAU integration, navigate to Admin > Settings > Networks. Under "Networks You're In", click on + Join Network. Now, in the search field type in USA Ultimate (not USAU). Select USA Ultimate - "Grant Admin Rights" should NOT be checked, but the rest of the boxes (Share products, events, accounts, content) should be. Now click Save

Turning on USAU Membership for Events

To allow users to purchase memberships during registration, you simply need to require USAU membership for your event. To do this, go to your Event > Setup in the event you would like to enable this for. Under Pricing, Modes & Dates > Pricing Modes, some modes list "Membership Requirement". There will now be one that says "USA Ultimate" and next to that "membership not required" with a pencil icon. Click the pencil icon and change "membership not required" to "any" to enable membership purchases during registration.

To enable a specific membership type, contact to have that set up.

Do USA Ultimate memberships purchased through Ultimate Central apply for this year or the current year?

Typically, USA Ultimate allows memberships published in December of a given year to apply to either the current year or next year's membership. USA Ultimate staff review all memberships purchased through Ultimate Central in order to make this distinction. 

Why is my USA Ultimate ID pending in Ultimate Central?

If you've recently purchased a USA Ultimate membership when going to the Memberships section of your profile, your ID number is set to "Pending". This is because memberships are processed by USA Ultimate staff manually and may require up to two weeks to show up. If you need a number before that, you can create an account and get one right away at (click the "New to USA Ultimate?" button). This doesn't involve any payment, you're just creating a profile/account and getting the ID.  The USAU staff will find this ID and match it up to your transaction in Ultimate Central.