This feature allows an administrator to cancel a payment that has previously been recorded. This ensures that the balance due returns to its original amount. This differs from a 'Refund' due to the balance of the transaction being returned to its original state, rather than leaving the transaction as complete, but refunded. In this scenario, the customer must provide a new method of payment to complete the transaction.

This feature is specifically applicable to scenarios like dealing with a bounced check or in the event that a user needs to switch the payment method they are using. This adds a "negative payment" to cancel out the originally recorded payment and brings the balance due back up to the intended amount owed. 

The first step in a Void would be to locate a specific transaction by going to Admin > Commerce Transactions. You can also access the payment/transaction by navigating to Admin > Registrants of a given event.

From here, you can search for a specific transaction(s) using a number of different search filters. If you search for them by name, their transaction history will appear with the latest transactions listed at the top. 

Locate and click on the transaction that is to be refunded. If you scroll to the bottom of that page, there will be a section on the receipt titled ‘Payment and Refunds’. 

Click the Void button, then follow the prompt by clicking OK.