If you are receiving the error: "You cannot change `legal_entity[first_name]` via API if an account is verified. Please contact support@stripe.com if you need to change the legal entity information associated with this account." when updating your financial settings, it means that your payment processing account was verified under a different name than that of your current account.

There are a few options here:

  1. If you are trying to change the Financial Representative on your account, there is no danger in leaving an old representative. This is needed for one-time verification only, and should not affect anything, even if the financial representative is no longer a part of your organization.
  2. If the Financial Representative's account name or details have changed, change these back to the original details that were listed when the account was verified.
  3. If you still need to change the details, contact us directly and we will get in contact with our payment processor to change these for you.