Edit the display settings for your google calendar. In the text boxes marked "Google Calendar ID" enter the @gmail.com address of each Google calendar you'd like to display.

Add YOUR league and tournament dates

1. Sign in to Google Calendar and/or create a Google Calendar for your organization at calendar.google.com.
2. Subscribe to calendar URL(s) (how to subscribe). Ensure the imported calendar is marked as public.

  • All events: http://yoursite.ultimatecentral.com/calendar/event
  • Just leagues: http://yoursite.


  • Just tournaments: http://yoursite.


  • Just tournaments: http://yoursite.


  • All events and games: http://yoursite.


    /calendar/event?withGames=1 etc.

Note: Sometimes Google Calendar does not like adding multiple calendars with similar URLs. If you get an error like "You do not have access to the calendar" try adding a random parameter to the end of the url. For example, if the calendar is http://yoursite.ultimatecentral.com/calendar/event add ?test=adfs to get http://yoursite.ultimatecentral.com/calendar/event?test=asdf or if the calendar already has a parameter at the end like http://yoursite.ultimatecentral.com/calendar/event?type=league add &test=asdf to get http://yoursite.ultimatecentral.com/calendar/event?type=league&test=asdf