Mailing lists are a great way to communicate with your organization or event's participants to give them updates on current and upcoming events and to keep them informed. By using the filters in the People Admin area or an event's Registration List you can create lists that email a certain group of people, the people on this list will change as their registration status or other factors changes.

There are two types of mailing lists, Respectful (previously "Non-Transactional") and Mandatory (previously "Transactional"). 

Respectful mailing lists

Respectful mailing lists are ones that you create from the People Admin area, excluding lists created with membership or event filters. Emails sent to these lists will only be sent to players who have their email preference set to "Stay Informed" in their Preferences and Privacy settings. These emails will contain an Unsubscribe link in the footer of the email.

Mandatory mailing lists

Mailing lists created for teams and events from the Registrants screen for a particular event,  using filters for events or memberships, are considered mandatory and will be sent to all players regardless of their email preferences. These mandatory lists can only be created in this way. 

Creating New Mailing Lists

To create a new mailing list, go to your site's People Admin area or to your event's Registration List. Using the filters, create a search for the people that you would like to email. Click the Email button at the top of the list and set or update the email address for this list. As new players match this search criteria they will be added to the list. Similarly, people who no longer match your search criteria will be automatically removed from that email list.

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