Scorable Surveys are a type of survey that have point values attached to them.  

Scores can be used for a variety of purposes, but are most commonly used to create "players scores" for events. 

  • Only questions of type "choice" or "multiple choice" contribute to a player score.
  • Both question types allow weighting the importance of the questions themselves and the value of the individual answers.
  • For "choice" questions, the score of a question is the value of the selected choice times the importance.
  • For "multiple choice" questions, the score is the sum of the values of the selected choices times the importance.
  • A player's total score is the sum of these scores.
  • All scores are scaled to be between 0 and 100. 100 is the highest possible score a player can receive.

The survey may be edited by administrators only. Coordinators can also manually adjust scores on a per-league basis (call "scrubbing scores" when editing a player's registration). 

To create a scoreable survey, go to Admin > Community > Surveys.  Click on '+ New', and then make sure that Is Scoreable has been checked. 

Note: Modifying a scoreable survey for a new event will affect existing registrations that have used the same scoreable survey.