What is full association?

This is a security feature to prevent unauthorized access to personal information stored in a player's account. Some of the players you import may already have an existing account in our system. These accounts will be connected to your site, but you will not be able to see some of their personal information (such as their address and phone number). This is partial association. Only newly-created accounts will be fully associated with your site, and you will have full access to their data.

How do I get full access for existing account information?

We understand that many organizations have a legitimate need to access the personal information of their members. Please email us at support@ultimatecentral.com before you import and we will manually enable full association importing for you. 

I already did an import and I cannot see some of the player data. How can I correct this?

Please email us before doing an import. If you already imported, we may be able to fix the associations for you. Email us at support@ultimatecentral.com.