Active Roster

A team's Active Roster are the players participating in any currently running events. In most cases this Active Roster will just be the team playing in the one event the team is participating in, but if a team is participating in multiple events the Active Roster will be a combination of all the players.

Standing Roster

A team's Standing Roster is the roster that can be set by captains, coaches, and team administrators from the team's page using the Manage Players menu option. This roster is not associated with any events, although when a captain is registering a team for an event they will be provided in the default team list of people to notify.

The players on the Standing Roster are the only ones that will be emailed when you use the Message Team email list (instead of event specific email lists). In this way you will be able to create new teams and email with them before you have even participated in any events.

Rostering for Events

When you are registering a team for an event you will be shown all the players on your team's Standing Roster as well as any recently active players on the team. Including players here notifies them that they have been asked to join the team for the event, but it does NOT register them for the event. After the team has submitted their bid and been accepted these players will need to go through registration themselves, choosing the correct team. This allows coordinators to make sure that everyone in the league has signed appropriate waivers and ensures that people are not added to teams that they do not wish to participate on.

Editing players on your Event Team Roster

To edit the players on your roster for a specific event go to that event's registration page by clicking on the Register button in the event menu on the left. If you do not see the Register button, then registration has closed. Under the section Team Registrations* you should see your team name and a list of the players on your team on the far right with a button to Edit Players. Click on this button to edit the players and you will be able to add players that are in our system as well as anyone with an email address. You can also change the players roles on this page to set players as Captains, Coaches, or Admins.

*If you do not see this section it is possible that the person that registered the team did not make you a captain, coach, or admin of the team during registration. In this case you will need to ask the person who registered the team to change the roster this way and edit you to have an role on the team.

Who can edit my Team?

People with the roles of Captain, Coach, Assistant Coach, or Admin can edit teams. Note that Event Rosters can have different roles than Standing Rosters.


Here is an example of a team's "Active Roster", they are the players currently playing:

The teams Tuesday Summer (2014 implied because there's no year on it) is the same as the Active Roster because the team is only participating in one event:

The team's 2013 Tuesday roster includes the players that played on the team in the 2013 Tuesday league:

The team's Standing Roster is their roster they set on the team page: