Enabling attendance tracking will allow players on your team to report attendance to games, practices, or individually scheduled events. When you enable attendance tracking, an email will be sent to everyone on the team inviting them to report attendance. Emails will go out prior to each game listing the reported attendance, date, time, and other relevant information. 

Attendance emails are automatically disabled for the following event types: Hat Tournaments, Tournaments, Competitions, Meets, & Other.

Changing Attendance Tracking Settings

Attendance emails are sent out on a per-team basis, so the attendance tracking settings are on each team. You need to either have team admin privileges (captains, coaches, and admins of a team have admin privileges) or be an admin of the team's site to change these preferences. 

1. Go to the team's page. The team will have a "/t/[team-name]" URL on your site.

2. Click the Attendance Tracking link in the team's Admin section as shown below.

3. Set your team's attendance tracking preference.

Attendance Tracking Surveys

You can collect additional player information by including an Attendance Survey in your attendance tracking emails. This can be useful, for example, if you need to screen players for Covid-19 prior to each game. 

How to create a new Attendance Survey

You can create new Attendance Surveys from Admin > Settings > Event (bottom of page); you can also set an Attendance Survey as the default for all events, or just for certain types of events (leagues, camps, etc.): 

When configuring your Attendance Survey, be sure to set the proper "Hours Available" under the survey options. This setting indicates how many hours before game time that the survey will be answerable. This can be useful, for example, if you need to ask Covid screening questions closer to the actual game and do not want players answering too early:

*Pro-tip: By assigning a point value to your survey questions, you'll later be able to filter responses for players that scored greater than zero. For example, this survey question would allow you to quickly identify players who were not tested for Covid-19:

How to include an Attendance Survey in your attendance emails

To attach a particular Attendance Survey to a Schedule Block of games, first go to the "Settings" section for that Schedule Block on the Schedule Admin page:

Then, under "More Options" choose the desired Attendance Survey:

When players receive the Attendance Tracking email, it will include a link to the Attendance Survey. Alternatively, players can go directly to their team pages to report their attendance and complete the Attendance Survey:

How event coordinators can manage attendance

Event Administrators can monitor player attendance and surveys from the "Attendance" page, which is accessible via the event admin menu:

The Attendance page allows you to filter by date, status, survey score, etc. 

In the example below, the attendance survey asked if the player was tested for covid-19 or not (the answer "no" had a point value of 1). We can see that:

  • Bryan is attending and has been tested
  • Sally is not attending and has not been tested
  • Jane is unsure if she's attending, but has been tested
  • Jen has not rsvp'd nor completed the survey yet