A store page can be used to sell products, like merchandise, tickets, and even memberships using the e-commerce features of your site.

Creating a store page

  1. Edit your site's navigation and choose Add Page.
  2. Under "Specific Content", choose the type Store.
  3. Check the appropriate categories to display different types of store products. If you select no categories, all categories will be shown.
  4. Use the Tagged feature to display only products with a certain tag.
  5. Under Show from site(s), select if you want to display products only from your site, or from any network sites.
  6. Click Create Page and add any additional content to display in the store.

Adding products to a store page

Go to the Product Admin by clicking Admin > Commerce and selecting the Products tab.

Click on Add Products and select a category.

  • Membership - membership products can be used to require a membership to your organization to register for events. Required memberships will automatically be added to the registration process.
  • Donation - accept donations of variable amounts for your organization. Prices by default are 25, 50, and 100 units of your currency, but users can also donate variable amounts. 
  • Merchandise - active (non-expired) merchandise will show up in your store and can be added to events to be purchased during the registration process.
    • Apparel - The same as merchandise, but specifically denotes any merchandise that is worn.
    • Ticket - The same as merchandise, but denotes tickets to an event or function.
    • Other - Other merchandise that does not fit one of the above categories.

Give your product a name and upload a photo (optional, by default, your site's logo will be used). Tags can be used to make certain products show up on store pages.

When asked Is there more than one variation of this product?, choose yes if your product has multiple colors, sizes, or models.

Click Next and fill out pricing, requirements, and more. Once you click on save, your product will be saved and will show up in appropriate store pages. You can also add your product to registration flows for any event by going to Registration Settings > Add-Ons for any event.