Now that we've entered the digital age, you are legally able to have your customers sign legally binding documents just by clicking a button! In the United States, this was enabled by the ESIGN act in June 2000.

Waivers for Events 

To add a waiver to the registrations for an event, navigate to an event that you are an admin or coordinator of, and click the Setup link on the left-hand side. Under the Waivers section, you can search for waivers that have used previously. You can also create new waivers by clicking +Create New Waiver. A prompt will appear and you can then specify the settings of the new waiver. Be sure to click 'Save Waiver' a the bottom of the prompt. 

Waivers for Memberships & Other Products

To add a waiver to a membership or product navigate to the edit page of that product by going to Admin Settings > Products, then click the specific item you plan to edit, and then click the Requirements tab. Here you will be able to add existing waivers to that product or create a new waiver like in the event settings. 

Waiver Properties

Each waiver has a name, a waiver document, a duration, and an age setting. You can also set the waiver to be the default for All events or specific types of events.

  • Name - This is simply the name of the waiver. This is what you will search for in the future to find the waiver and what will show up in exports.
  • Supply Waiver - This is the waiver. You can copy and paste your waiver into a text box or upload a waiver document which we will display. In the case of uploaded documents you can also set the waiver to "Require this waiver to be printed and physically returned". This means that the waiver will be shown to the player but they will not be given the option to accept the waiver and text will be displayed instructing the player to print out the document.
  • Duration - This is the length of time that the waiver is valid. If a player has already signed a waiver and it is still within the valid dates they will not be asked to sign it again.
  • Expires at end of calendar year - If this box is checked, the signed waiver will be valid until the current calendar year passes. After that, a user has to resign the waiver in the next event they play in where that specific waiver is required. 
  • Approval - Here you can select how users will be able to sign the waiver. You can make it available online, available to download, print, and sign, or you can make both options available. 
  • Age - You can set separate waivers for Adults (18+) or Minors (under 18). If you have a waiver that is only for adults, minors will not be asked to complete it so be sure you put both an adult and minor waiver on if you do not choose All Ages.
  • Default for - This gives you the option to add the waiver automatically to all events, leagues, or tournaments. Then it will not have to be added again in the 'Event Admin Settings'

Waiver Admin

You can access the waiver admin section under Admin > Settings > Waivers. The Active Waivers tab allows you to see all the waivers that are currently in use on your site, and the Archived Waivers tab allows you to archive and view archived waivers. 

Exporting Waiver Information

Waiver status is available for export in two locations on your site. 

The first is from the Admin > People page. If you search for players here and click the 'export' button, any waiver information about the players will be exported as well. 

The second place that waivers can be exported is from an event's Registration List. If you click 'export' from the registration list and the event has waivers, the waiver columns will be exported in that data.

Waiver Columns

For each waiver, you will have two columns. The first is called [waiver name]_waiver_signed, this is the date the waiver was signed. The second is called [waiver name]_waiver_expires, this is the date the waiver expires. The _waiver_expires column may be blank if you waiver does not expire.