Use the free app, Zapier ( to automatically post your Ultimate Central website posts to Facebook, Twitter, and other media outlets. Zapier is a powerful tool, but they do a good job of walking users through the process of setting this up. I will try to walk you through some of the tricker stages below.

The first function ("Zap") that you should set up should be RSS to Facebook Page:

Your RSS link should be something like "[your website]/p?feed=rss" (e.g. You can find your RSS link at the bottom of your home page (

For Step 5, I chose to set it up this way:

but feel free to play around with these options and let us know if you find better setup configurations in our Ultimate Central users group.

After you've created the RSS --> Facebook Zap, set up an RSS --> Twitter Zap.* 

Make sure you have a space between any fields. You can't really tell here, but I have inserted a space between the Title field and the Raw Link field:

That's all I have for now, but hopefully we can keep updating this post as more users play around with different Zapier settings (e.g. create a Zap to email admins when someone comments on a post via disqus). Again, we love to hear tips from other admins on ways users can utilize applications like Zapier to enrich their Ultimate Central experience. 

Check out more features at or participate in the discussion in our Ultimate Central users group.

*We experimented with creating a Facebook --> Twitter Zap, but it malfunctioned enough that we do not recommend it at this time. Maybe in a year Zapier will have better options for this, but at this time, we ran into the following errors:

  1. On more than one occasion, Zapier would randomly tweet old facebook posts.
  2. If a facebook post was over 140 characters, Zapier simply wouldn't tweet it OR
  3. Zapier would tweet it as just a shortened Zapier link (no text at all; very creepy).