There are many times when you need to share documents with your members and continuously emailing out updated copies of a document can be a pain. If you use Google Docs to collaborate on your documents you can easily embed them on your site and have them update automatically when you make changes. 

Publishing your document and getting your embed code

Wordpress has some great documentation on publishing your document and getting your embed code. Follow the instructions on this page and copy your embed code from Google.

Update the width and height to fit your page

By default Google will create an iframe that's pretty small. This isn't ideal for viewing on your site, we recommend you set the width to 100% ("width='100%'") and the height to at least 1000px, 1500px seems to look pretty good as well ("height='1000'").

For example, the code Google gave was


<iframe src=";headers=false"></iframe>

 and what I wanted in the end was this


<iframe width='100%' height='1500' src=";headers=false"></iframe>


Play around with the height until it completely shows your document without scrolling or unnecessary space.

Create a RawHTML slot and paste in your code

On any page click, add a new slot and select the type RawHTML. Paste in your embed code with your updated dimensions and click Save. Your document should now be viewable on your page.

Double check your settings

To make sure that all your users can view your document, open a new incognito window or entirely sign out Google and try viewing your page. If the document does not show up correctly you may not have published it correctly, or you may need to update your Sharing settings on your document.