Manually Registering Players or Teams

There are many times in a coordinator's life where you will need to manually register a player or team to get them into the system. Maybe a local business is letting users sign up at their store, maybe you are registering people for a tournament as they arrive, or maybe you just love collecting paper, whatever the reason we've got you covered.

1. Registrants Go to your event's Registrants Section. You can find this in your event's Admin settings link.

2. Start the registration: Add a new registration using the Add button.

3. Select Registration type and person Select the type of registration and enter the name or email of the person you are registering. Note: If the person doesn't have an account yet you'll need to create an account for them before moving forward.

4. Event Info and Surveys Complete their surveys, or don't! As an admin registering a player you do not have to fill out surveys for the player.  There are certain personal fields that may only be completed by the player (which can still happen after you have started the registration for the user).  Check the Skip this survey button to skip a survey.

5. Memberships Add any required memberships.

6. Waivers Complete waivers, or don't! If the player has signed a paper waiver or is telling you in person that he agrees to the waiver you can sign the waiver for that person. Otherwise you can leave the waiver as "Still required" and the player will need to log in and accept the waiver.

7. Add-ons Add any add-on products that were part of registration. This is essential for easier bookkeeping.

8. Status & Payment Set the registration status and add transaction details.