Note: a formal merchandise program is only available for organizations on our Ultimate Central service at the moment. If you are interested in selling merchandise for a provider from another sport, get in touch with us:

About the Program

If you're a US-based Ultimate organization, you can earn extra money through Ultimate Central's merchandise program. Through our partnerships with featured partner Savage, along with DiscStore, Five, and Breakmark, you can offer their products for sale and earn a commission every time one of their products sells from your site.  You never have to handle orders - money is automatically transferred to the partner and they ship the product directly to the person who ordered it.  Who ever said there ain't no free lunch?!

How to select your partner

  1. Head to Admin > Settings > Networks (note: you have to be an admin of the site to view this)
  2. If it's not already visible, click on "Merchandise Partners"
  3. Pick your partner by clicking "+Add" underneath their logo.

Once you do this, their products will automatically start showing up in the "Add-Ons" section of all of your event registrations.  Every time someone buys you're automatically credited a percentage of the purchase.

How to remove partners

  1. Head to Admin > Settings > Networks (note: you have to be an admin of the site to view this)
  2. Click the delete icon next to the partner in question. If no partners are selected, no partner merchandise will show up in your registration flows


Can I turn off showing the products on specific events?

Yes, if you ever have an event where you don't want to show your partners products in the registration flow, just uncheck the "Include products from partners" checkbox under the "Product Add-Ons" section of the event registration setup.

Can I have more than one partner?

Yes, you can select as many partners as you want, but we recommend using only one so that your registration flows don't get overwhelmed with too many products.

How many products will show up in my registration flows?

If you select one partner, no more than five products will ever show up.

Am I responsible for getting orders to the people who purchase?

No! The partner will send the product directly to the purchaser, so you'll never have to worry about a thing!

Can I see an example of how this might work?

The image below shows an example transaction (click to maximize):

Can I opt my organization out of this program?

Yes, If you do not wish to participate in this program, please send a message to or simply remove any associations you have by navigating to Admin > Settings > Networks and clicking the delete icon next to the partner in question.

Can I still sell my own products on my registration flows?

Yes. Your products will always show above the merchandising partner's products, and you can continue to offer as many add-ons as you wish.

Fine Print

  • Merchandise partners may change from time to time.  If and when they do, we'll let you know.
  • Products being offered by merchandise partners are selected by the merchandise partners and not by Ultimate Central.  If you have suggestions about products to offer, contact your partner directly!
  • Purchases being made through this program will be defaulted to Ultimate Central's built in credit/debit payment processing - this is necessary since money is being split between two parties.  This means it's credit/debit only.  No cash, checks, or PayPal.  If your site has PayPal set up, nothing will change on purchases that don't involve your merchandise partner, but on purchases where their products have been added,  PayPal will not be an option to the buyer.
  • You will still pay your normal Ultimate Central service charges and payment processing charges on products sold by your organization, but you won't pay any fees on the third party products.
  • As often as once per year, Ultimate Central may send a promotional offer on behalf of your partner to your members. If we do this, we'll make it as unobtrusive as possible.
  • The featured provider may change as often as once per year. When this happens, we will let you know about it.