The schedule admin is where you can create schedules for your event. The schedule admin is only available for these event types: Competition, Hat Tournament, League, Meet, Pickup, Tournament, Training, Tryout, and Other. When you click the Schedule Admin link on the event page you will be brought to the schedule wizard. Follow the instructions there or click Manual Setup to go directly to the schedule admin.

Schedule Blocks

All games in a schedule must be in a schedule block. A schedule block is a chunk of a schedule. For example, if your event has some pool play games followed by an elimination bracket, it would have two schedule blocks (e.g. Pool Play and Elimination).  Schedule blocks can be connected in the schedule - you can use the results of one schedule block to influence the seeding of the next schedule block. 

To add a schedule block go to the schedule admin and click Add Schedule Block, then select the type.

Schedule Block Types

Pool Play (round robin)

Pool play is when teams play some or all the teams in their pool. If there is only one pool this may also be called a "round robin". 

Bracket Play

Bracket play is when teams play each other for place in an elimination style. Bracket play can have one or more brackets that depend on one another.

Deleting Schedule Blocks

Click the settings link below the name of the block in the schedule admin and then the delete icon the bottom right.

Schedule blocks can be deleted IF there is not a schedule block that depends on them for their initial seeding. If this happens, delete the dependent block first. For example, if Playoffs is set to use Regular Season as it's seeding you will need to delete Playoffs, then Regular Season.

Schedule Block Settings


The name of the schedule block. By default, pool play is usually "Regular Season" and bracket play is "Playoffs".

Base the initial seeding on the results of [schedule block name]

If set the initial seeds of this schedule block will be based off schedule block [schedule block name]. When you add games for this block you will use the names "Pool A, Seed 1", etc (or "All Teams, Seed 1" if you only have one pool). Blocks can only be used as the initial seeds once. 


Only one type of spirit survey can be used per event. To turn spirit scoring off, change the Spirit setting to "no collection". Spirit scores can be exported with the rest of the game data using the Export button in the schedule admin.

Who can report scores?

This setting is to restrict who can report scores for the schedule block. By default this is set to "All registered players" meaning any accepted registrants for your event.

Game Format

Choose from "Single Game", "Best of 3", or "Best of 5".

Spirit Score Visibility

Choose who can see spirit scores.

Visible to everyone

The visibility of the schedule. If unchecked only event admins will be able to see the schedule.

Include in overall event standings

Whether this schedule block counts for the event standings. Uncheck to exclude game results from the overall event standings.

Lock reported scores

Automatically lock non-admins out from reporting scores after a certain period of time.

Pool Play Specific Settings

Number of Pools

Select the number of pools that your teams will be playing in for this division. If you are playing a round robin there will be only 1 pool. If you have a large number of teams you may want to break it into groups of 8 for convenience. 

Pool Play Scenario

Pool play scenario sets how the teams will be ranked going into the next round.

Bracket Play Specific Settings

Create an initial bracket for X teams

How many teams are there for the championship (1st place) bracket. You can add additional brackets later.

Which most closely describes your scenario for this bracket?

  • Single elimination - one bracket will be created
  • Double elimination - a 1st and 2nd place bracket will be created
  • Play out every place - all consolation games will be created.

Initial Seeding Settings

Set Seeding

Set the seeding of the teams in this division. 

Edit Total Teams

Change the number of teams playing in this division.

Add Event-only Teams

Use this to add teams specifically for this event who will not participate in other events (useful for draft leagues).

Schedule Editor

Use the schedule editor to quickly edit multiple games at the same time. On the schedule admin, click the Schedule Editor link under the block name.

Select the checkboxes for some or all of your games, then click on an element to change all checked games to that value.

This is especially useful for setting the location, date, and time of a game.

Pool Play Adding Games

To add games in pool play, go the schedule admin and click the Add Games link under the block name. Choose one of the options, then follow the instructions to create your games.

Pool Play - Pools

To edit the teams in each pool for pool play click the Pools link below the block name.

Drag and drop teams into their pools. To create a new pool, drag an existing team into the (New Pool) area. If there are not enough teams, edit the total number of teams in the Initial Seeding Settings.

Finalize Games

You may see a Finalize Games link under some schedule blocks on the Schedule Admin screen. This link will appear if a schedule block has games that are missing results, and if there is another schedule block that depends on the results of this block. The Finalize Games link is useful when you don't want to enter all the results of this block by hand. When you Finalize Games, all the unplayed games in the block will be marked as "Unplayed Ties". After that, the teams for the next schedule block will be filled in from the results of this block.

Bracket Play - Brackets

Create and edit brackets. Create brackets that depend on other brackets. Edit the individual games in a bracket (also see Schedule Editor above).

Bracket Settings

To change bracket settings, click the Edit icon next to the bracket name, eg. Finals (1st Place). 

  • Name - the name of the bracket
  • Place - the place that the winner of this bracket finishes in the event. 

Delete a Bracket

To delete a bracket click the edit icon next to the bracket's name then select the delete button in the bottom right.

Bracket Games

Click the edit icon next to each game to edit the teams, time, etc of the game. 

Adding Bracket Games

If there is a "(no game)" marker where you need a game click the add (+) icon above that game to add one there. 

Deleting Bracket Games

Click the edit icon and then the delete button on the bottom right of the edit form.

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