Each TopScore site has numerous permission levels for administrators, described below:

  • Account Holders have their email/password stored in the system but have no special privileges.  This is nearly everyone!
  • Editors can do everything Account Holders can do, but can also edit content on the site, such as blog post, pages, and images.  They CANNOT edit event pages unless they are marked as a coordinator of the event.
  • Score Reporters can view and report game results as if they are an event coordinator.

  • Coordinators have the ability to manage and edit all aspects of an event that they are specified as the Coordinator of.  They can also manage media that they uploaded.  They ARE NOT able to edit details of financial transactions and cannot issue refunds
  • Lite Admins can edit any content on pages, add new events, edit existing events, manage and view people, create mailing lists, and nearly anything else on a site.  Lite Admins ARE NOT able to edit details of financial transactions and cannot issue refunds, and are barred from other sensitive financial actions.
  • Admins can do all of the above, plus issue refunds. However, they are not able to update the financial settings of a site. 
  • Trusted Admins can do anything our site controls allow (including everything Admins, Coordinators, and Editors can do).  They are also the only permission level that can change, edit, and view all financial transactions and issue refunds, as well as update the financial settings of a site. 

To update these permissions for a specific user, find their profile and click on Permissions & Status on the left-hand side. 

In addition to the site permissions, there are also Admin and Trusted admin organizational permissions, which can be added via Admin > Settings > Organization. This is only necessary if there are multiple sites with the same organization, and admins should have the same permissions on all sites.