• Event Admin List - mailing lists that go directly (and only) to the coordinators of the event. You can update these recipients by going to the event and adjusting the Event Coordinators under the admin list "Event."

    Examples:  Winter League Coordinators, Wildwood Tournament Directors, etc.

  • Team List - mailing lists that teammates use to communicate with each other within their teams.

    Examples: Team 01, Awesome Team, etc.

  • Event List - mailing lists that revolve around the Registrants list. These include any lists created using the Registrants list filters.

    Examples: Waitlisted Players for League X, Players missing a signed Waiver for Tournament Y, etc.

  • Distribution List - mailing lists based on filters of the entire user base of the website. None of these will be automatically created.

    Examples: Males under 23 years old, Players with membership who played between these dates, etc.

  • Schedule List - mailing lists that are based off of a Schedule. Currently this type of list can only be used for Reporting Missing Results. To email captains who have not yet reported results from played games, go to the event schedule, filter by Missing Results, and an email icon will appear. Eventually users will be able to create any mailing list from a schedule (e.g. if you wanted to email all teams that had games on a given night to inform them that the fields are closed, etc.).

    Example: Summer League games with Missing Results (i.e. scores).

  • Alias - a specific person. Create an Alias by going to Admin --> Community --> Message Lists --> Add.

    Example: Jimmy.

  • Group List - a specified group of people. Create a Group List by going to Admin --> Community --> Message Lists --> Add.

    Example: Jimmy, Jenny, Johnny, and Joanne.