Any user who has started a registration or expressed interest in a registration will have one of the following "Registration Status" types:

- Accepted: The user has been accepted into the event (although payment and registration information may still be owed). 

- Pending: The user has provided basic information and/or payment to process a registration, but an Event Admin needs to 'accept' the user into the event.

- Waitlisted: The user has provided all necessary information, but has registered after the waitlist date, or after a division has filled up.

- Incomplete: The user has started a registration, but has not provided enough information to attain Accepted/Pending/Waitlisted status. 

- Inactive: The user is no longer considered accepted or participating in the event and no longer counts against registration totals. 

- Interested: The user has expressed interest in participating in an event and will be notified via email when the event is open for registration.