In order to enable MVP voting, navigate to Schedule Admin > Click on Settings for the Schedule Block you wish to edit, then click on More Options

You will see the option to enable MVP voting. This option allows you to enable MVP voting for one male and/or one female, or up to three of each.

For multiple MVP options, each MVP slot will have a different value assigned to it. If the event allows two MVP selections, the first choice has a value of 7, and the second choice has a value of 3. For events that allow three MVP selections, the first choice is worth 6, the second choice is worth 3, and the third choice is worth 1. It is important to note the different values. 

At the end of a match, the team player responsible for reporting scores will cast the votes for MVP. To do so, click the trophy icon next to your team's name.

MVP vote casting is at the bottom of the window that appears.