Ultimate Central integrates with USA Ultimate to allow players to purchase memberships when registering for events. Players with existing USA Ultimate memberships also have the ability to sync their membership with their Ultimate Central account.

Enable USA Ultimate integration for your site

Note: you must have Admin permission or higher for this section.

Navigate to Admin > Settings > Networks

Under "Networks You're In", click on + Join Network.

In the search field, type in and select USA Ultimate. "Grant Admin Rights" should NOT be checked, but the rest of the boxes (Share products, events, accounts, content) should be.

Click Save.

Require USA Ultimate membership for an event

To require a USA Ultimate Membership for your event, navigate to your event and click Setup in the Event Admin menu.

Under Pricing, Modes & Dates > Pricing Modes, find the "Membership Requirement" section. 

Find the option that says "USA Ultimate", and change "membership not required" to the specific membership tier you'd like to require by clicking the pencil icon.

I'm a USA Ultimate Affiliate, do I need to do anything differently?

Contact Ultimate Central Support so we can add you as an affiliate in our system, which will unlock special affiliate membership options. 

Do memberships purchased through Ultimate Central sync automatically to USA Ultimate?

The vast majority of the time they sync instantly, however, we've identified a few edge cases. If you notice a membership has been purchased on Ultimate Central and does not show up in the corresponding http://play.usaultimate.org account, please contact Ultimate Central Support and we will look into it.