To check your organization's pricing and fees, navigate to Admin > Commerce > Transfers, and click the "Show Fees" button. 

Ongoing fees are broken down into two groups:

Service Fees - these go directly to us in order to run our service. They apply to all paid and pending transactions recorded for your organization. 

These fees also apply to any out-of-channel payments (i.e. Bank Transfers, Checks, Cash) for registrations recorded on this site. Marking a transaction as free and accepting payments out-of-channel is against our terms of service. We audit registrations on a regular basis to make sure everyone is using the system in a fair manner. 

Processing Fees - these are only applied to electronically processed payments.

How are fees collected?

For transactions paid via manual payment methods (i.e. bank transfers, checks, and cash), the service fees are calculated, summed, and your card on file will be charged for last month's total on the first day of each month.

For transactions paid via integrated payment processing, the service fee and processing fee are subtracted from the transaction before it is deposited into your bank account.

Are fees charged on refunds?

Both the service and the processing fees are refunded along with refunded payments.