This feature allows an organization to provide specific registration instructions that are visible at the beginning of the registration process. In some instances, it may not be clear to the registrant for which division they should be signing up. You can write instructions, similar to an event blurb, in the space provided. 

It should be noted that this feature should be utilized judiciously. If it is overused or if the content is too complex, it may complicate the process for the registrant and bog down the registration process. When used appropriately though, it can eliminate many instances of people registering incorrectly.

This functionality is available in two places when Edit Mode is turned on. First, when you are initially setting up a new event, there are several tabs with drop-down arrows that allow the user to set the specific details for that event. There is now a new section at the bottom of this list called Optional Settings. You can click here, then on the button listed in that menu. You will then be prompted to insert custom text. 


This feature can also be accessed on the first page of an individual event registration flow after you click Register Now. With edit mode turned on, the user will see a button that says Add Content. If this is clicked, the user will then see the field for entering custom text.  

When saved in any of the accessible locations, the text will be visible between the price points at the top and the bubbles used to select a registration type.