Editing Payment Plans

As a trusted admin for a site, you have the ability to edit active payment plans. The following content will guide you through accessing a payment plan, what the options are for editing that plan, and how you can complete those changes. 

The first step is to locate a users registration by going to the Registrants tab in the Event Admin Settings for the particular event in which that user is participating. 

You can filter the list of registrants by name to locate a specific person. Once their name appears in the list, click on the pencil next to the dollar amount in the ‘Payment’ column. This will take you to the transaction associated with that registration. 

If you scroll down the page, in the ‘Cart’ section, you will see an item called ‘Payment Plan’. To its right is a selection box which contains three options- active, paused, archive. 

The payment plan will be set to active by default, but if you choose the ‘paused’ option, the payment plan is then suspended. On the transaction, the balance due will remain at $0, but you will notice that the ‘Remaining Balance’ badge next to the selection box is removed. 

Pausing a payment plan can be useful in a situation where a user may need to update the credit card information they have on file, or if changes to an event are being made and the event coordinator wants to suspend automatic payments until specific details are clarified.

If the ‘archived’ option is selected, the payment plan will be removed from the transaction. The ‘balance due’ at the top of the page will then show the amount remaining on that payment plan in an orange badge. Once a payment plan is archived, it requires reactivation by a TopScore Support representative.

The user on the transaction will then see a notification in their events tab prompting them to pay the remaining balance before they are accepted into the event.