As an administrator, you have the ability to create products in your store that can be paid for as a subscription service. A membership, for example, can be set up to charge the user on a recurring basis so the user doesn’t have to repurchase that membership when it expires. The user is auto-charged on a monthly (or other frequency) basis.

To set up a product subscription, navigate to Admin Settings > Commerce > Products. From here, click the + Add button at the top of the page. This will create a new product.


Under the ‘Category’ field, if you select either ‘membership’ or ‘donation’ as the product type, 

a new setting appears at the bottom of the page that has a checkbox with the verbiage ‘Is a subscription’.  

Check this box to enable automated recurring payments.

To cancel a subscription, navigate to your profile and on the left side of the page, you will see a link to your Subscriptions. You can manage your subscriptions here.    

Subscriptions are currently available only for premium tier customers. The premium tier of TopScore includes other exciting features such as payment plans and text messaging capabilities. For more information, contact your account manager or TopScore support.

Subscriptions Dashboard

To administrate your subscriptions, use the subscriptions dashboard in Admin > Commerce > Subscriptions. This will allow you to cancel subscriptions easily. 

Coupons and Subscriptions

Please note that when a user applies a coupon to a subscription, it will affect only the first charge of that subscription. There is currently no option to apply a discount to every charge on a subscription, but this is a feature that our development team is considering for inclusion. Check back for updates!