As requested by several organizations, we are excited to present a solution for an automatically applying coupon code. A great use case for this feature would be a second sibling discount for an event registration. In some instances, a discount is desired for families that have multiple children playing in events. This can be applied to the kids playing in the same event, or across different events. The system will recognize registrations that are on the same family account, then apply a discount automatically if the correct conditions are met. The process to set up one of these discounts is as follows:

First, navigate to Admin Settings > Commerce > Coupons and click the + Add button to create a new coupon. 

Name your coupon and enter the discount amount. The first part of setting up the auto applying coupon is checking the box that reads “Apply discount to each item”.

Then, under Restrictions, indicate the “Quantity Range” to tell the system how many items there should be in a person’s cart to activate the discount.

Also, under Restrictions, indicate which products should be included in the use of this coupon. You can add as many events as you would like, to ensure that the discount is being given when siblings are being registered for different events, for example. 

Lastly, change the drop-down Auto-Apply for Products to "Apply discount automatically if any of the above products are in the cart”.


Note that technically this coupon would also apply if someone registered two players at the same time that were not technically siblings. However, this is hard and unusual enough that it is unlikely to happen.