Event admins now have the ability to bulk upload teams into an event. If you have all of the necessary information required to complete registrations for these teams then you can quickly add them to an event. 

Team have to be uploaded in the .csv (comma separated value) format. Files should have the .csv extension. You can save as this format in standard spreadsheet programs, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. The variables written <like this> are the columns for your spreadsheet (each value exists in its own cell). Do not include the column names in the .csv file.

The spreadsheet should be arranged in the following order:


  • One team per line.
  • Division name must match existing division exactly. 
  • Acceptable registration statuses include accepted, pending, waitlisted, incomplete, inactive.
  • Team name, division name, team admin email, and team admin name are mandatory fields. Registration status is optional
  • Team slug can be gleaned by looking at a team's URL, i.e. for http://<yoursitename.com>/t/willy-wonka-and-the-huck-a-lot-factory, willy-wonka-and-the-huck-a-lot-factory is the team slug
  • Team names containing commas must be placed inside quotes.

To begin uploading, go to the Event Admin > Registrants screen inside a specific event. Next to the Search and Message buttons at the top of the page, there is a button that says Upload Team. Click this. You will then choose the prepared spreadsheet from your computer or device, and click Import. 

Team Upload Example

Team 1,team-1,Men's,example@example.com,Joe Bloggs,accepted

Team 2,team-2,Women,example@example.com,Kim Armstrong,accepted

Team 3,team-3,Junior Women,example@example.com,Sally Struthers,accepted

Team 4,team-4,Junior Men's,example@example.com,Jim Bailey,accepted

(see attached .csv to download)