We are now offering TopScore Premium, a new tier of the platform that offers several new features that will allow administrators to take their organizations to the next level:

  • payment plans for event registrations

  • subscriptions for recurring payments on products like memberships

  • the ability to send text messages to participants

You’re able to activate Premium without needing to contact your account manager. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Organization, where you’ll see two tiles listing the two tiers of the TopScore service. 

Below those tiles there is a check box that says Activate Premium Plan. Check that box to gain access to the new features. 

The Premium tier of the service has a pricing structure based on how many unique players registered for events in the past year. This will be reflected in the tile on the right. 

If you have been with us for less than a year, or are a new customer, the pricing is offered as follows:


Monthly Plan

Annual Plan

0 to 99


$10 per month

100 to 499


$20 per month

500 to 999


$35 per month

For any questions about the premium tier, or if you have over 1000 active users per year, contact your account manager or your support team at help.usetopscore.com