The Fillable Waivers feature allows the upload of PDFs with fillable form fields to any section where waivers can be attached. In addition to the option to sign the waiver, any fillable fields displayed right on the page for users to fill out and submit online. Administrators are then able to download the completed, e-signed PDF, with the user-submitted information automatically printed in the fields.

This is useful for waivers that require user input, like code of conduct or medical consent forms.

Creating a Fillable PDF

In order to create a fillable PDF, you'll need to use a software or web application capable of creating fillable form fields. PDFEscape is a free webapp that will allow you to do this, but if you're using another application, like Adobe Acrobat, modify the instructions as necessary.

  1. Upload your PDF to PDFEscape.
  2. Click "Form Field" and drag a rectangle over where you want the first form field to display.
  3. Right click on the field and select "Object Properties".
  4. In the name field, enter the name in the following syntax: #,type,required|FIELD NAME
    1. Replace # with the order the field should display in. If you want the field to display second, you'd write "2".
    2. The second variable is the field type. Chose from text, date, phone, or signature.
    3. The third variable determines if the field is required. If it is included, users will be required to enter data. If the variable is omitted, the field will still appear, but won't be required.
    4. The fourth variable, after the |  symbol, is the field name. This will be displayed above the field when the user fills it out.


1,date,required|Date will create a form field entitled "Date" that allows users to select a date. It will appear as the first field.

2,text|Allergies will create a form field entitled "Allergies" that allows users to input text. It will appear second, and won't be required. 

3,signature,required|Signature will create a signature field that will appear third. It will be required, and when the user writes their name in the field, it will output on the form as a formal signature. 

Uploading a Fillable Waiver

Attach your Fillable PDF to an event or product the same way you would a normal waiver. 

Downloading Completed Fillable Waivers

To download all waivers for a given event, go to Event Admin > Registrants, and click on "Print Waivers".

A PDF will be generated containing all waivers that are attached to event. Note that both non-fillable and fillable waivers will be included in this download. 

To download a fillable waiver for a specific person, go to that person's profile, click on Waivers under About, and click on Online under Agree Type:

You'll be able to view the signed waiver. To download the waiver with the agreement and signature attached, click on Download Agreement.