Site Administrators may grant users credit to be applied to future purchases, either as an alternative to a refunded payment, or arbitrarily (for example, to thank someone for being a volunteer).

Assigning User Credit as a Refund Alternative

User Credit may be granted as an alternative to a refund for any transaction. When viewing any Transaction detail page, the "Credit" button will appear alongside the "Refund" button. 

Upon clicking Credit, a confirmation screen will be shown:

Upon clicking Issue Credit, a credit will be granted to the user's account and a badge will appear on the transaction screen:

Currently, the system does not send the user an email like it does with the Refund feature, so users should be notified manually. 

Assigning User Credit Arbitrarily

To assign a user credit arbitrarily, navigate to the user's profile and select "Payment Options" under the About section in the sidebar.

Navigate to the User Credit section and click "Add User Cred". Fill in the respective fields.

The credit will now appear:

Debits can be applied in the same manner:

Using Credit

On any Cart page, click on "Pay with [Organization Name] Credit]":

After clicking Apply User Credit, the checkout process will complete. The record of the used credit will appear on your user credit page:

Video Tutorial: