Team admins can create a Practice Schedule, which will appear on their team's page. They can also add players to the practice roster for communication and attendance tracking purposes. 

How to Create a Practice Schedule

  • Navigate to your team's page, click on +Practices from the menu:

  • Click on Add Practices, then multi-select your practice days:

  • Add your practice time & location for the selected days. If your time/location varies, you'll need to create separate blocks of practice days. For example, you might multi-select all of the Fridays and set the time at 6pm, then click Add Practices again to choose all of the Saturdays and set the time at 10am.

Manage your Practice Roster & Track Attendance

  • Once you've created a Practice Schedule, click on Edit Roster to add or remove players:


  • Team admins can view & update player attendance by expanding the player list on their team's schedule page: