A post is a piece of content, usually in the form of text, that is published on a web page. It can be an article, news item, opinion piece, review, tutorial, or any other type of content that the website owner or author wishes to share with their audience. 

Posts on a website typically have a headline, an introduction or summary, and the main body of the content. They may also include images, videos, or other multimedia elements to enhance the user's experience. 

Once a post is published on a website, it can be shared with others through social media, email, or other online channels. Users can also comment on the post, providing feedback, asking questions, or sharing their own thoughts and opinions.

How to Create a New Post

1) Go to Posts along the global toolbar, and select Add Post:

2) Create your post's title and content:

3) Under More Options you can add a media item. This image will appear on posts feeds and/or the hero grid when you link the post.

We recommend a minimum 600px tall and 1500px wide for a post's media item.