What is a transaction?

A transaction is a group of purchases and coupons that comprise the cart and a group of payments and refunds.

Purchases and Coupons

Each transaction can have multiple purchases, which can be event registrations or products. You can edit the cost of each purchase or delete them from the transaction. You can retroactively add coupons to a transaction as well, however this will not change the cost of the products nor the transaction total - you will have to change the product costs to change the total cost of the transaction. 

Editing the purchases costs (and therefore changing the transaction cost) will change the amount due for the purchaser. If the price increases the balance will show a positive amount and the purchaser will be able to make a new payment to pay off the extra amount. If the amount goes down the balance will show a negative amount and you should add a refund for the player.

Neither changing the price nor adding coupons will refund the person who made the transaction, you must use refunds to refund the person appropriately

Payments and Refunds

Each payment and refund made will show up in this section. You cannot edit payments or refunds that are made as they are permanent. To edit the amount that someone paid you can issue them a refund or add a payment using the Add Payment button at the bottom of the page. Payments can be from cash, check or waived payments made to you.


For payments made through the Credit & Debit card service refunds will automatically be sent to the purchaser. 

For all other payment methods, refunds will need to be entered into the system manually  and then refunded through cash or another method.