Enable or Disable Check Payments

From Admin > Commerce > Payment Methods, you can enable or disable the option for users to pay via check at the checkout screen. Simply click on "Check" to edit the payment method, and then check/uncheck the "enabled" box:

Customize your Instructions to Users

When someone opts to pay by check, they will be taken through an additional confirmation step explaining how to pay you with a check. You can customize the instructions they'll see by first clicking the Preview button:

Next, you can Edit the instructions (make sure that Edit Mode is on):

**Note: The same instructions will be shown for all check payments.

Record that a Check Payment has been Received

Registrants who choose to pay via check will appear on the registrants page as "owing." Once they've provided their check payment, open their transaction and click the "Add Payment" button at the bottom:

After the check payment is added to their transaction, the registrant will appear as "paid" on the registrants page.