Family accounts link accounts together in the system, so that adults can register, pay for, and sign waivers on behalf of youth. 

To view your family, hover over your name in the top-right corner of your screen and click on Family.

An intact family account should look like this:

Note: the Change Family button is only available to site admins. If you would like to change your family, please contact your site administrator.

  • One or both parents should be set as primary contacts, which means they will be able to edit personal information and sign waivers on behalf of family members under 18.
  • All family members should have birthdates set correctly. Parents will need a birthdate over 18 to be able to sign waivers.
  • Family members can either share one or more email addresses, or all have their own unique email address. Unique email addresses are preferred in the case where a child wants to receive separate notifications about his or her activity or games. Children 13 or under must share an email address with a parent. 
  • There should be no duplicate family members in an account. If you notice duplicates, please contact your local organization or our support team to have them merged, otherwise you may run into problems during registration. 

What if my child already has a standalone account?

If your child already has an account, you will need to log in to your child's account, go to their Family page, click on Change Family and then search for yourself by name or email address. Click Save and the child will be added to your family. Make sure that only you are set as primary contact.

Primary Contacts

Primary Contacts receive all email for a given family, and can also perform actions on behalf of all family members, such as paying and signing waivers. There can be multiple primary contacts for a family. In order to set a primary contact, click on the Set Primary Contact(s) button on the family page. 

Family Roles

Each family member can be assigned a family role. Roles are for informational purposes only and do not affect site functionality.